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Getting Started

Make the most out of these courses by creating a portfolio while you study!

"Coach, anong gagawin ko? Wala akong portfolio."

This is the most common question newbie freelancers like you are asking -- Portfolio.

While some jobs don't require a portfolio (like data entry and the likes), having a portfolio will help you standout from other freelancers.

"Pano naman ako makakagawa ng portfolio kung wala pa kong clients?"

You don't need to have clients to create a portfolio.

Let me tell you why.

A beginner's portfolio is only used to showcase what you can do, not what you already did.

And even when you're just starting out, you can have you're own.

Here's how:

Work For An Imaginary Client

As you go along the course, you will learn different skills.

But learning alone is not enough, you have to match it with actions.

So, when you take the course, imagine yourself working for one imaginary client and perform all tasks mentioned in the videos.

In this way, you are applying what you learn and you're also building your portfolio at the same time.

Here's how it will work:

1. Pick an imaginary client from the list of clients below.

2. Read their details well and act as if you're working with them for a project.

3. Apply whatever you learn inside the courses.  For example, if the course taught you how to write a sales letter, then write a sales letter for your chosen imaginary client.

4. Compile them all in a Google Drive folder. Make sure you have different folders for each service (e.g. one for graphic design, one for copywriting, etc.)

Choose Your Imaginary Client Here


Meet Mike

- Runs a coaching business helping creatives to earn more by being more productive and focused in their work

- He needs help selling a $2,000 online program called "Productivity for Spartans" which helps his clients get 10 hours a week of their life back while raising their fees

- He likes simple, HATES hype, is familiar with Digital Marketer, follows Russel Brunson

- Wants to make $1,000,000 with his program


- She calls herself a "virtual CFO" and offers online businesses accounting, bookkeeping, and financial advice to grow and scale their biz

- She needs help selling a $20,000/year monthly retainer where she acts as the virtual CFO for her client handling all financials

- She loves people like Mel Robins and Gretchen Rubin when it comes to how they market

- Wants 10 new clients this year


- He runs a beard-based e-commerce company that sells products and accessories for the "tough guy beard crowd"

- He needs help selling his products

- He wants to come across as a brand for tough guys but doesn't want to sound overly hyped up

- Wants to break 20 million this year in sales


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Facebook Ads AutoPilot Course

This course is designed to help you become a freelance Facebook marketer / media buyer. It teaches you how to run ads profitably and effectively.

Coffee Copywriting Course

Want to learn how to write words that sell? Whether you want to write ad copy, sales pages, marketing emails, then this is your guide!

Social Media Management Course

If you want to become a freelancer doing what you already love doing ~ Facebook, you'll learn the proper way of creating content here.

WordPress and Marketing Course

Anyone can create a no-code website, but not everyone can create a no-code website that actually sells something. This course will teach you how.

Graphic Design Course

Need more tricks on how you can utilize the full potential of Canva? Even when you're just using their free account, you can make stunning graphics.

Looking to take another course?

Check out the courses from my other friends / coaches!

How to Write HUGOT COPY That Demands Attention and Wins the Click

This is a course made by Coach Allan Ngo who is the founder of Digital Solopreneur and Email Marketing Philippines.

If you're interested to learn how you can write emails that speaks directly to your subscribers' heart, then this is for you!

Generate 90 Days' Worth of Social Media Content With This Template

BONUSES Included: Editable Canva Templates, Etc.

Client-Getting Templates

All files here will be shared in a Google Docs file. To get a copy,  click "File," then "Make A Copy."

Cold Email Templates

Use this when reaching out to clients via email. This is designed to make the perfect first impression without sounding too sales-y!

Discovery Call Guide

A discovery call (DC) is a meeting you do with a prospect client to know more about the job details and see if you're a good fit. Think of it as an interview. 😉

Freelance Project Proposal

After the DC and you've found out the specific services your client need, it's time to send them a proposal. A proposal is composed of your rate and the services you're offering.

Service Agreement Template

Just in case you won't get your client from sites like Upwork or others where they secure your client's payments, it's best to secure a service agreement stating that they hired your for a certain project.

Service Agreement Template 2

Just in case you won't get your client from sites like Upwork or others where they secure your client's payments, it's best to secure a service agreement stating that they hired your for a certain project.

Client Retainer Agreement

If you've finished a project with a client and you want to continue working with them to maintain whatever services you're offering, you may use this client retainer agreement for a long term engagement.

Resume Templates

Files in this drive are downloadable in docx format. Don't forget to customize as needed. 

Cover Letter Templates

Files in this drive are downloadable in docx format. Don't forget to customize as needed.

Freelancing Job Sites

Check these sites on a daily basis to make sure you're the first to apply. Those who apply first are usually given a higher chance of getting the job.

1. Upwork

2. Online Jobs PH

3. Toptal

4. We Work Remotely

5. Simply Hired

6. People Per Hour

7. Guru

8. Freelancer

9. Design Crowd

10. Flex Jobs