Social Media Marketing Jobs: 4 Things You Need to Know in 2023

With the way the pandemic has shaped people’s behavior in the past few months, it’s no surprise that companies are beginning to realize the importance of social media (or digital marketing in general) and are starting to look for experts to take care of their business in the online sphere.

In fact, the pandemic-driven boost in user registration and activity on social media sites has prompted many companies to hire Facebook Ad managers, which in turn led many job seekers to jumpstart their careers by learning Facebook Ads

Social media marketing has also grown in relevance in corporate boardrooms. Around 82% of marketers report to have used social media advertising and ranked it second in success behind search engine optimization (SEO) when it comes to B2B advertising.

This gave birth to many social media marketing jobs. That is why, here at Course Belt, we’ll talk about four things you need to know in 2021 that would impact careers in social media marketing.

But before that, let’s first discuss what a social media marketer does and why it’s gaining importance in the business world.

What does a social media marketer do?

Social Media Marketing Jobs comes with a range of tasks that they do

Social media marketers often do the following:

  • Come up with a digital marketing strategy to improve the client’s sales
  • Engage customers online to improve customer relations
  • Create content that would keep the audience engaged
  • Curate types of content for different customer segments
  • Schedule the posting of content and determine optimal times for sharing
  • Observe content performance and how users interact with them
  • Measure the success of social media campaigns
  • Help customers that reached out to you through social media
  • Learn new things from other social media marketers
  • Experiment and try what works and what doesn’t

Looks a lot! But don’t worry, they get easier to do once you’ve gotten the hang of it. 

For example, coming up with a solid social media marketing strategy becomes much simpler once you’ve identified your client’s goal.  Once you’ve come up with a strategy, you can use marketing tools to streamline tasks such as engaging customers, creating content, curating the types of content you share, and scheduling your posts, so you can spend the rest of the day observing your content’s performance, collecting data, and measuring analytics.

The fun part is when you learn how people respond differently to your brand’s messaging, which is why it’s important to always assess your brand’s social media performance. If a campaign is successful, identify the elements that contributed to its success and repeat them. Make some tweaks and adjustments when necessary. And the most exciting part? Experimenting. In social media, you’ll never run out of things to try.

Social media jobs: Four things you need to know in 2023

social media marketer at work

So many things happened during the pandemic that impacted how businesses operate. But what do they mean for current and future social media marketers?

1. Social media adoption surged in the wake of the pandemic

As mentioned in the introduction, the pandemic has led to an increase in social media adoption among consumers. By April 2021, more than 500 million new users joined social media platforms over the past 12 months. 

What does this mean? It means businesses have now more potential customers in the online space— teens who just newly registered, older adults who are new to social media, or anyone who just realized the necessity of social media because of the pandemic. 

It’s a gold mine that every business is competing for. And anyone who is an expert at launching social media campaigns or, in general, managing brands on social media is sought after.

In China alone, 110 million users were added in 2020. In India, around 78 million, and in the Philippines, 16 million new users were added. These stats mean that there are massive sales opportunities for every business in these countries. To reach customers there, a proper social media marketing campaign is needed. 

2. Social media marketing jobs increase year by year

Social media marketing jobs increase year by year

In 2017, CNN reported that the market for social media managers would grow by 9% in a span of 10 years. But the pandemic has accelerated the trends of internet usage which means this growth can only get higher. 

More consumers are also expected to interact with businesses online, especially through social media, during the pandemic. According to studies, the average Facebook user clicked on at least 11 ads in the past month. Additionally, two out of three users visited a local business page at least once a week.

This only means that managing brands’ online presence now is becoming as important, if not more important, as managing physical stores.

3. Users don’t trust brands that place profits first before people

It can get tempting for businesses to make the most out of this pandemic by prioritizing profits over people. But take note that 70% of social media users claim that they don’t trust brands that do this.

How will this impact businesses? Without brand trust, it’s going to be hard for businesses to win over customers and encourage repeat purchases. 

Why is it important for social media marketing managers to know this? It’s because, in the current business environment, making it easier for people to trust your brand requires empathy— a soft skill that many businesses do not look for and many social media managers don’t bother to acquire.

Once you know what people want and what people look for at certain times, it gets easier to send your brand’s message across effectively.

4. Small businesses are slowly recovering and are poised to dominate the social media

SME owner utilising social media platforms

Many social media marketers don’t know this but the opportunity lies in many small businesses— especially those that are starting to recover during the pandemic.

Before the coronavirus crisis, many SMEs ignore the potential of running an online store and managing their brand’s online presence. But because of the restrictions in mobility, lockdowns, and social distancing measures, businesses are forced to embrace the convenience provided by tech— including the apps provided by social media sites.

Right now, social media sites like Facebook have features that make it easier for businesses to centralize their tasks in one platform— display their products and services, generate leads, communicate with customers, and analyze stats. But not many small business owners know the technicalities and intricacies of these tools and features. 

Also, many of them simply don’t have the time to learn them. This is where social media marketing managers come into play. Your goal then is to convince your potential clients that you have the technical know-how when it comes to social media— and that your knowledge would eventually translate into benefits for your clients’ businesses.

Main Takeaways

When it comes to social media marketing jobs in 2023, remember the following:

  • Social media users will continue to increase even after the pandemic
  • This means more sales opportunities for businesses
  • More clients will look for experts in managing brands online, especially in social media
  • Gain soft skills such as empathy to set yourself apart from the competition
  • Don’t dismiss the chances of establishing partnerships with small businesses

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