Learn How to Create Stunning Graphic Designs With Photoshop in Less Than 24 Hours

I’ll teach you some shortcuts and tricks I use as a visual designer for several brands — P.S. this may turn you from newbie to pro real quick!

Meet Coach Jerrel
Hey, there! I’m a visual designer who loves coffee and owls. Fascinated with vending machines and a spoken word / rap artist who writes and speaks poetry in Filipino.

Are you any one of these?

If so, this TAGLISH ONLINE COURSE is created just for you.


Photoshop For Beginners Online Course

Learn how to create stunning graphics in 24 hours or less!

This PRE-RECORDED ONLINE COURSE will cover the basics of graphic design and will teach you how to use the tools found in Adobe Photoshop.

Take a look at some of the graphics I designed!

Want to learn how I did those creatives? You’ll learn it inside the course!

Course Content

The course consists of nine easy-to-follow lessons. We’ll start by laying the foundations then proceed with the actual design creations.

Beginner’s Module

Lesson #1: Artboard & Sizes
Lesson #2: Transparent Backgrounds
Lesson #3: All About Texts
Lesson #4: Clipping Mask
Lesson #5: Image Overlay
Lesson #6: Layer Styles
Lesson #7: Shapes, Shapes, Shapes
Lesson #8: Gradient and Color Picker
Lesson #9: Filters


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Are you ready to level up your graphic design skills with Adobe Photoshop?

Or are you already satisfied with the current creatives you’re making and produce “okay” results?

Here’s a SUMMARY of what you’ll get: