All you need to start your freelancing journey is already on this PAGE.


A Very Straightforward Guide to Freelancing

Kung di mo talaga alam kung paano magsimula sa freelancing, then keep reading before you take the courses.

You’ll be a lot of steps ahead compared to others pag binasa mo ‘to.

Pag sinabing freelancing, ganito ang usual thinking ng tao.

mag-enroll sa course –> kukuha ng certificate –> tapos maghihintay na lapitan ng mga clients

This is the most common misconception about freelancing.

Akala ng karamihan, porket nag-aral ka na ng bagong skill, magkakaron ka ng client kaagad.

Come to think of it,  paano ka lalapitan ng clients kung di naman nila alam na nandyan ka?

Sige nga. 🤔

“So, coach Pao, paano nga ba talaga maging isang freelancer?”

Let me help you answer your own question by asking another question para maintindihan mo rin lalo.

Paano ka ba mag-apply sa isang trabaho dito sa Pilipinas?

Step #1: Maghahanap ka ng job hiring na posts.

Pwede sa Job Street, Kalibrr, o pwedeng referral ng mga friends.

Step #2: Magpapasa ng resume at maghihintay ng interview.

Step #3: Pag nakapasa na sa interview, bibigyan na ng job offer at pwede nang magsimula.

Hindi nalalayo yung process sa mundo ng freelancing.

In fact, ganitong ganito din ang proseso.

Step #1: Maghanap ng job hiring posts sa Online Jobs PH o sa Upwork.

Step #2: Mag-apply sa mga posts na ‘to at magpasa ng resume at portfolio.

Step #3: Umattend sa virtual interview.

Pag nakapasa ka sa virtual interview, bibigyan ka na ng job offer at pwede ka nang magsimula.

You see, kailangan pa ring mag-exert ng effort dito.

Oo, work from home ang freelancing pero hindi ibig sabihin ay madali ang proseso.

Kailangan rin pag tyagaan.

“Pero coach, pano kung wala akong makitang job hiring posts na kaya kong gawin? Pwede pa rin ba ko mag-freelance?”

Definitely, pwede pa rin.

At dun na kami papasok.

Dahil nag-enroll ka sa courses namin, pwede mo nang pag-aralan ang mga in demand na skills na kailangan ng halos lahat ng businesses.

Hindi mo kailangang pag-aralan yung lahat.

Pwede kang magsimula sa isa, tapos mag-apply na kaagad.

“Eh coach Pao, kaso pano ako matatanggap kung wala akong experience?”

Okay lang kahit wala kang experience.

Ang mahalaga ay meron kang maipakitang portfolio para makita nila na kaya mong gawin ang tasks.

But don’t worry, I’ll teach you how to make one.

Ready ka na? 

Mag-English na rin tayo para ma-practice mo yung communication skills mo.


Make the most out of these courses by creating a portfolio while you study!

“Coach, anong gagawin ko? Wala akong portfolio.”

This is the most common question newbie freelancers like you are asking — Portfolio.

While some jobs don’t require a portfolio (like data entry and the likes), having a portfolio will help you standout from other freelancers.

“Pano naman ako makakagawa ng portfolio kung wala pa kong clients?”

You don’t need to have clients to create a portfolio.

Let me tell you why.

A beginner’s portfolio is only used to showcase what you can do, not what you already did.

And even when you’re just starting out, you can have you’re own.

Here’s how:

Work For An Imaginary Client

As you go along the course, you will learn different skills.

But learning alone is not enough, you have to match it with actions.

So, when you take the course, imagine yourself working for one imaginary client and perform all tasks mentioned in the videos.

In this way, you are applying what you learn and you’re also building your portfolio at the same time.

Here’s how it works:

1. Pick an imaginary client from the list of clients below.

2. Read their details well and act as if you’re working with them for a project.

3. Apply whatever you learn inside the courses.  For example, if the course taught you how to write a sales letter, then write a sales letter for your chosen imaginary client.

4. Compile them all in a Google Drive folder. Make sure you have different folders for each service (e.g. one for graphic design, one for copywriting, etc.)


Click any of the buttons below to find a job related to your preferred skill. Make sure your portfolio and resume are ready!

Social Media Manager

You’ll be tasked to create strategize, create, and promote content for your client’s social media accounts, etc.

Facebook Media Buyer

In this job, your main role is to run Facebook ad campaigns for your client’s business.

WordPress Developer

Want to develop websites using WordPress? This is for you!

Graphic Designer

If you have the creative juices to make appealing designs, you may want to become a graphic designer.


Are you ready to write words that sell? Then become a copywriter now!


All files here will be shared in a Google Docs file. To get a copy,  click “File,” then “Make A Copy.”

Cold Email Templates

Use this when reaching out to clients via email. This is designed to make the perfect first impression without sounding too sales-y!

Discovery Call Guide

A discovery call (DC) is a meeting you do with a prospect client to know more about the job details and see if you’re a good fit. Think of it as an interview. 😉

Freelance Project Proposal

After the DC and you’ve found out the specific services your client need, it’s time to send them a proposal. A proposal is composed of your rate and the services you’re offering.

Service Agreement Template

Just in case you won’t get your client from sites like Upwork or others where they secure your client’s payments, it’s best to secure a service agreement stating that they hired your for a certain project.

Service Agreement Template 2

Just in case you won’t get your client from sites like Upwork or others where they secure your client’s payments, it’s best to secure a service agreement stating that they hired your for a certain project.

Client Retainer Agreement

If you’ve finished a project with a client and you want to continue working with them to maintain whatever services you’re offering, you may use this client retainer agreement for a long term engagement.

Resume Templates

Files in this drive are downloadable in docx format. Don’t forget to customize as needed. 

Cover Letter Templates

Files in this drive are downloadable in docx format. Don’t forget to customize as needed.