WordPress and Marketing

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With 8 years of experience on creating websites for local and international businesses and his profession as a digital marketer, Pao will teach you what it takes to build a website that ACTUALLY does its purpose.

No one builds a website just for the sake of building a website, right? One creates a website that sells an idea, a product, a service, and that’s what this course is about.

Easy-to-follow lessons include how to:

  • Install WordPress to a web hosting provider
  • Setup your very first website
  • Create stunning websites in just a few clicks
  • Install themes and plugins
  • Apply the Signature WordPress and Marketing Playbooks
  • Create backups of your website

Whether you’re just starting out with WordPress or have been using it for some time and want to learn the best practices, this online course will help you develop websites from scratch in one week or less!