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Be the first to learn one of the most in-demand skills with little competition.

Why become a freelance podcast editor?

  • Time Freedom: You can work anytime from home.
  • Little Competition: There is HIGH DEMAND for podcast editors internationally.
  • High Compensation: Work varies on an hourly basis (at least $10 per working hour) or fixed price per podcast (at least $100 per 30-minute podcast)

Here’s what you’ll get inside!

  • Podcast Editing Course Full Course (15 Video Lessons)
  • BONUS #1: Tips for Creating Your Podcast
  • BONUS #2: Tips on Editing Podcasts
  • BONUS #3: Parts of a Podcast
  • Practice Files
  • Sample Files
  • Certificate Upon Completion

Join Glaze as she shares the three-step system to editing podcasts your audience will love!

About the Coach:

I’m Glaze Gonzales a.k.a. The Podcast Queen! 👸

After three years of working in television as a writer and produce, I realized I’m not cut out for full-time employment, so I started my own business and did 12 years of freelance event work, and I’m having the time of my life.

Then I got introduced to the world of podcast and is now helping podcasters sound more polished and credible by editing their audio, preparing it for the world to hear.

Now, I’m on the mission to help you become a highly-paid podcast editor.