Call Center Mastery

The Ultimate Passport to Your Next BPO Job and Salary Like A Tenured Agent

P.S. During BPO interviews, the more confident you are means higher salary for you!


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Hello there,

Coach Alden here!

I’ve been a BPO trainer for 5 years.

And if there’s one thing I noticed among my trainees, it’s this —

Those who are regularized and are promoted quickly are the CONFIDENT ONES.

This CONFIDENCE comes mainly from TWO THINGS.

#1 – English Communication Skills, and;

#2 – BPO Mastery

You can’t be just good at one and not the other.

Otherwise, you won’t last long.

However, if you already possess these even during the interview process…

… I can assure you that you will get a salary like a tenured agent even when you have no experience yet. 🙂

That is why I created…

Call Center Mastery

Every Call Center Agent’s course for passing the interview and getting a salary like a tenured agent — even WITHOUT EXPERIENCE!

Inside the course, there are 7 main modules.

Module #1: Customer Service Defined

We’ll kick things off by defining the very essence of customer service.

In this module, we’re breaking down what it means to serve your customers like a true pro.

You’ll grasp the core principles that make customer service the heart and soul of any business.

Get ready to revolutionize the way you approach customer interactions and set the stage for some seriously epic service.

Module #2: Building Rapport

You want to be the customer’s favorite? Well, it starts right here.

In this module, we’re diving headfirst into the art of building genuine rapport. You’ll master the secrets of trust, empathy, and authentic connections that’ll have your customers loving you even more.

Say goodbye to generic interactions — it’s time to create bonds that last a lifetime.

Module #3: Active Listening Skills

Ready to become the Sherlock Holmes of customer service? 

In this module, we’re cracking the code of active listening. It’s not just about hearing; it’s about really tuning in.

Discover how to read between the lines, understand unspoken needs, and blow your customers away with your Jedu-like listening skills.

Get ready to be the customer’s superhero by truly hearing what they have to say.

Module #4: Addressing Upset Customers

We’ve all been there — dealing with irate customers can be a wild ride.

But in this module, we’re arming you with the Jedi-level skills to handle even the most furious of folks. 

Learn the art of de-escalation, empathy, and turning frowns upside down. Get ready to transform angry customers into your biggest fans.

It’s all about Jedi mind trick for customer service!

Module #5: Managing Customer Expectations

In this module, we’re diving into the world of expectation management — the unsung hero of top-notch customer service.

You’ll learn how to set the stage by clearly defining what your customers can expect. 

No more surprises, just clear communication that builds trust and set you up for success.

Module #6: Other Skills

Beyond the art of conversation, we’re getting down to brass tacks.

Module #6 is all about sharpening those technical skills that make you a customer service ninja.

We’re talking typing speed, impeccable grammar, and a vocabulary that’ll make even the English professors jealous.

These skills are your secret weapons for delivering excellence, letter by letter.

Module #7: Exceeding the Metrics

Alright, time to go for gold.

We’re not just meeting those performance metrics; we’re blowing them out of the water.

You’ll learn the strategies and mindset shifts needed to not just hit targets but exceed them with flying colors.

It’s all about becoming the MVP of your customer service team and leaving the competition in the dust. Get ready to break records and set new standards.

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Get Call Center Mastery Now and Ace Your Next BPO Interview!

Module #1: Customer Service DefinedModule #2: Building RapportModule #3: Active Listening SkillsModule #4: Addressing Upset CustomersModule #5: Managing Customer ExpectationsModule #6: Other SkillsModule #7: Exceeding MetricsFAST ACTION BONUS #1: First 20 Enrollees Get 30-Minute 1-on-1 Interview Training with any of the Coaches (worth Php 2,000)FAST ACTION BONUS #2: First 50 Enrollees get Coach Pao’s Secret Interview Strategy for 100% Success Rate (worth Php 1,500)FAST ACTION BONUS #3: First 100 enrollees get No B.S. Guide to Freelancing (worth Php 850)Lifetime and 24/7 AccessVerified CertificateENROLL TO CALL CENTER MASTERY NOW FOR ONLY PHP 495!

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